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I am trying to reunite with one of my old habits.. writing. It is about the world we live in, about that one news,or a moment or a frame that kept us thinking, or may be a story . We are bombarded with so many information a day, which leave us confused. I am trying to figure out here…I might be feeling the same as you….then its better to share right? so that we can understand ourselves better.

  • Factory that is marriage?!
    As a woman who has joined the “30 club”, I am now used to hearing “when are you guys going to have kids?” “don’t you want an heir?”, “why don’t you two go and see a good gynaecologist?” and “who has issues?” . Most of these persons are not concerned with ‘flimsy’ issues like, whether […]
  • No more guilty
    There are moments in life, when we feel guilty to take sometime for ourselves.Like it is a crime to have some fun. When piled up work is a constant in our lives, even sparing some time for a weekend trip makes you feel guilty. Somehow, this feeling is instilled in you as a virtue or […]
  • we after her
    We can’t belive that she left us.She was the sweetest among us with the most beautiful smile. It hurts. It hurts like hell. But we are happy that she is not in pain anymore. We are happy that she found peace. We know somewhere up there she is happy. May be little sad for leaving […]
  • fantasy addiction
    Each page contains volumes of emotions. Each sentence carries the key to someone else’s mind. Each chapter is a turning point. Each book is a new world. There is something so fascinating about fantasy fiction books. It enable us to travel in the multiverse. When we start reading a book we converse with the characters […]

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