Track of time

I have lost track of time.
Wake up in the morning,
but its already noon.
Went up to the terrace to see the trees,
it’s already night and eerie dark outside .
The clock I have is all messed up.

There are allot of movie to be watched.
Thriller? Romantic? Horror? Action? Fiction?
I get confused.
Open my Note to scribble something,
then all of a sudden, I am watching Trump.

But it is not only what I have lost track of,
I have lost count of the graves as well.
When tombstones are the only family at funerals;
When you don’t get to give a last goodbye kiss;
That’s more painful than death itself.

The virus is mocking everyone.
Elderly and the youth alike.
It is not the time to show off the adrenaline rush.
All the dead were healthier once.
People are stranded at unknown sites,
Nothing to do but wait this to end.
And there are people with placards outside,
shouting slogans.
I still don’t know what they need.

I guess its better to lose the track of time,
than loosing my mind and my dreams.


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